Yoga For Pain Relief


Pain is the language our bodies use to communicate imbalance. Our Yoga For Pain Relief program, based on discoveries Peter found and described in his award-winning book Gravity & Grace, will teach you how to “dialogue” with your body through patient observation and mindfully challenging the edge of possibility.



Does Pain Limit You From Enjoying Life?

Are you…

  • Struggling with chronic pain or past injuries?
  • Tired of taking pain medications?
  • Feeling weak and/or stiff?
  • Want to have more energy and feel better – physically and mentally?
  • Seeking to proactively protect your own wellness and longevity?

If you are looking for clear and simple guidance on how to create a powerful and highly effective body-mind practice that promises more balance, mobility and strength for many years to come… then you are in the right place!

Our Yoga for Pain Relief program is not about stretching for tight muscles, or weightlifting for weak muscles. We use a three-tiered novel approach to movement based on principles of yoga, which first softens areas of contraction or “grip” that our bodies instinctively create when in reaction to stress or trauma, and then uses gravity and breathing to build mobility, agility and strength. Learn more about this 8-epidode online program at

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