Gravity & Grace 2 is a unique sequel to Peter’s first DVD, with instructions presented in very simple terms that help you access the powerful process of yoga. The practice is designed to as a way to maintain longevity and improve the quality of your life at any age or level of ability, and will develop more intimacy with the subtle, energetic levels of attention (breath, organs, sensations, emotions, visualizations, intuition), useful tools to aid the body’s natural healing forces, and re”mind” us of the natural grace and creativity we all possess. The four sequences on this DVD will fine-tune and energize your own yoga, and can be used individually, or selected and linked with each other to allow practices of varying emphasis and duration. Suitable for beginners or those with limited mobility, this practice is also full of unique poses and sequencing for the more experienced student.


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  1. Kim Simpson

    When I met Peter Sterios I knew I had met Yoga.

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