During this 2-hour online program, Peter will guide you towards a more intimate relationship with yourself that inspires your own inner teacher through movement, mindfulness, breath, and stillness, and helps you feel the subtle sensations or awareness these states of being create.

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Visualization & Languaging For the Subtle Body

Through movement and exercise in physical yoga, we learn that our bodies communicate to our minds in numerous ways, and frankly one of the best ways it has is through pain – physical pain in terms of sensations our nervous system generates when movement or the shape we create in a pose reaches our physical body’s current limitations; or psychological pain when movement or the shapes we create with our bodies reaches our mental or emotional body’s current limitations in what we think or feel is possible.

In this special workshop, you will be shown how to interpret our body’s “language” for communicating imbalance (pain), and simple techniques to restore balance. To become fluent with imbalance or pain is step-by-step process that helps us develop the necessary vocabulary to initiate dialog between our nervous system and subtle body “channels” (nadis), and between our intuitive mind and various layers of our physical and mental/emotional bodies (koshas). As this conversation becomes more familiar, we are better able to support the needs of our immune system and our own natural healing forces, and an opportunity to create what is needed for balance over time.

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