Online Workshop – 11/20/2021 (REPLAY)


Touch, both external and internal, gives us a sense of ourselves through acute awareness of our body. In most yoga poses, touching the ground through the skin of the hands and feet is a starting point for what the ground has to teach us — both physically, through the influence gravity has on balance, movement, and effort, and psychologically, as we feel the influence “grounding” has on our emotions and the endocrine/ nervous system responses they produce.

In this workshop, you will be shown how to feel the subtle forces gravity provides through the hands and feet, by releasing (not engaging) muscular effort, and to find lightness in body and mind through softening, surrendering, and feeling.

This is a totally different way of relating to your yoga practice and creating movement through “effortless effort” (sthirum sukham).

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HANDS & FEET: Learning What Ground Has to Teach

When:  Nov 20, 2021
Time:  12:00pm – 2:00pm US-PDT
Where:  Zoom (login instructions will be emailed to you after registration)
Cost:  $35 drop in or become a member (see membership options)


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