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TO PROP, OR NOT TO PROP? Basic Prop Philosophy & Applications

The use of props has many applications in yoga instruction, from one-on-one privates to group class settings. Props allow beginning students or those with limited mobility an opportunity to be in poses with more manageable presence, and feelings of safety and repose. Yet, the overreliance on props can have the opposite effect, creating dependency, mental absence, and fear of change.

In this online program, a select group of basic props will be demonstrated (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, tennis balls, and folding chairs) in a range of different practice settings to help create a context for incorporating props in your practice and classes. Please have your props ready for class to allow you to experience each prop presented. Unique applications of props with their benefits and contra-indications will be presented in a variety of situations.

The instruction is designed for teachers and all-level practitioners, and will be part lecture, part practice.


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