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CLOSING SEQUENCE: Transitions From Movement to Stillness

How we integrate the efforts of our yoga practice each day affects the quality we have on our well-being – mentally and physically. With regular practice, we learn to see, feel and influence the inherent changes in body and mind that often result from the effort we extend in dynamic movement.  Learning how to assimilate the states of being we create during our practices of physical yoga require a transition beyond effort, where we slow down movement and occupy the deep calm of the stillness at the end of each session.

In this workshop, you will be shown how the concluding exercises in LEVITYoGA’s Closing Sequence are necessary for cooling and quieting the nervous system and refining the quality of stillness in your body that resulted from your practice, mentally and physically. These exercises are mostly floor poses and inversions, the latter of which reverse gravity through the internal organs and increase circulation to the spine and its associated subtle body channels. This work transitions your effort from the active to the passive in preparation for meditation.

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