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Yoga is considered both an art and a science – the first utilizing mostly right-hemisphere brain function, the latter mostly in the left-hemisphere. With all styles of yoga, there is much to learn, and for those with limited experience, what is taught is often complex, extensive, and at times paradoxical or confusing. How do we make sense of what the practice of yoga is all about, especially with the immensity of the subject, and then how do we incorporate what we learn at whatever level we’re at onto our mat and into our lives?

In this workshop, we will take a closer look at the three Practice Principles of LEVITYoGA and show you ways to bring them together simultaneously during practice, using the Subtle Body Guidesheets found in Peter’s book Gravity & Grace, and show you how they can be used to see and experience holistically the subtle body flows and anatomical landmarks we all share. With familiarity, seeing physical yoga presented this way will instantly give you a sense of a pose “below the skin,” with opportunities to discover for yourself the hidden aspects and nuances your experiences bring to learning.

The class is suitable for all levels.

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