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PARTNER PRACTICE: Sharing Space, Exploring Connection

Although yoga is traditionally a solitary practice for building connection and understanding with self, soul, and spirit, when we come together with another to practice, something magical happens – we build connection and understanding with someone other than self, and develop a sense of presence that reveals much more about ourselves than we can easily or readily find by ourselves.

Practicing partner yoga helps us learn how to communicate with the “language” of touch – both giving and receiving – and helps us understand the “vocabulary” touch provides for healing, and develop the “communication” skills in touch necessary for connection.

This workshop will include a brief discussion how physical and psychological resistance or blocks occur in the body, and the natural forces our bodies are equipped with for releasing them; followed by partner demonstrations of a variety of applications to support that release. Ideas will be shared in various yoga poses about how, when, and where to touch to create the supportive and listening presence necessary for promoting our own healing while on the mat, with clues to guide us off the mat.

Due to the online format of this typically hands-on course, we highly recommend inviting a friend interested in partner work (receiving and/or giving).

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