During this 2-hour online program, Peter will guide you towards a more intimate relationship with yourself that inspires your own inner teacher through movement, mindfulness, breath, and stillness, and helps you feel the subtle sensations or awareness these states of being create.

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INNER TEACHER REVIVAL: Keeping Personal Practice Potent

In the current age of contemporary yoga teachers, busy lives make setting aside time for self-practice, not to mention potent and vigorous practice, more than challenging. Yet the very thing necessary for avoiding practice or teaching “burn-out” and sessions that drag, is a practice that revives the spirit and keeps the desire and curiosity for yoga intact.

This workshop will re-introduce the wonder of beginner’s mind as a catalyst for creativity, and recognize how the subtle forces of Gravity and Grace are seeds for creative yoga. No matter the style of yoga practiced, simple principles will be introduced to re-engage the part of the mind responsible for the stimulation and response of intuition.

The class is designed for teachers, teacher trainees, and for those wanting to reinvigorate their regular yoga practice, and will be part lecture, part practice.

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