Online Workshop – SUBTLE BODY ELEMENTS (12/9/2023)


For many of us, the physical practice of yoga produces profound effects on our bodies, and over time, the experiences we create on our mats move beyond just our bodies and into the subtler “inner” realms.  Our yogic ancestors referred to these realms as the Subtle (non-physical) Body and left us maps of these inner pathways, flows, and various structures they found there.

In this online workshop, we will examine three non-physical aspects of the Subtle Body – the Bhutas (subtle body elements); the Vayus (subtle body forces of vitality); and the Marmas (subtle body portals) and explore how we can incorporate them into our daily practices.

The class is suitable for all levels.

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When:  December 9, 2023
Time:  12:00pm – 2:00pm US-PT
Where:  Zoom (login instructions will be emailed to you after registration)
Cost:  $39.99 drop in or become a member (see membership options)


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