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OPENING SEQUENCE: Transitions From Inaction to Action

How we arrive to our yoga practice each day affects the quality and influence we have on our well-being – mentally and physically. With regular practice, we learn to see and feel the inherent changes in body and mind that often result from the natural resistance or limitation found from living life and aging.  Learning how to make space for those changes keeps us safe and helps maintain mobility and endurance at any age.

In this workshop, you will be shown how the preliminary exercises in LEVITYoGA’s Opening Sequence provide opportunities for making space in the major joints of our  body, and stimulates subtle energy points (marmas) in preparation for practicing yoga poses (asana). The openness this sequence creates also awakens the subtle channels (nadis) of our life force energy that circulates throughout the body, and builds mental focus and clarity.

Class is suitable for all levels.

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