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WORKING WITH INJURIES: Past, Present & Future

Everyone, even yogis, injures themselves at some point in life – often unconsciously, through an accident, or repetitive overuse. When injured, our body automatically uses a variety of natural healing mechanisms to aid in recovery. Often, we ignore or discount these forces, and choose quicker remedies (drugs or surgery) to relieve the pain or symptoms. These quick remedies may heal the physical body, but leave the “memory” of the injury in the “psychology” of the person – the nervous system and connective tissues, which can create reoccurring problems.

In this practical workshop, antidotes using asana will be shown, for a variety of common injuries, including those that often show up in yoga practitioners. With volunteers from class, types of yogic movement will be explored that support the body’s natural healing forces over the different stages of an injury.   This knowledge will help students heal existing or old injuries – physically and physiologically, and also provide tools for future injuries.

The instruction is designed for all-level practitioners and will be part lecture, part practice. For those with current injuries, modifications will be shown to help with those conditions.


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