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With deep appreciation I would like to thank you for visiting my home on the web.

As a teacher, my life is to serve and honor students like yourself, who show up curious to learn, and interested in the guidance I offer. I am grateful for what yoga has revealed to me which I share freely, as did the teachers I met on my yogic journey. It is my hope that what you find here will help further your yoga and your life. This site is designed to provide resources I have accumulated over many years – some made available for free to acknowledge your time spent discovering what’s here, and some made available through a small investment on your part, which I hope you will consider as a necessary part of growth, and in alliance with the Universal Law of Exchange, which suggests that giving and receiving are necessary energies in order to create abundance on all levels in our lives.

In sincere gratitude,


Peter Sterios is an inner explorer. Drawn to yoga as a young man, he studied intensively with a master teacher for 20 years.

At 39, Peter broke his back, facing an invasive surgery with no guarantees.

With no outward path to rely on or the physical practices he had learned, Peter went inward. There, he found new teachers: Gravity & Grace.

Peter has been part of the global yoga community for over four decades as a teacher, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder of MANDUKA™, creator of LEVITYoGA™, taught yoga at the Obama White House for 3 years, and spoke as a wellness expert at the Pentagon for the US Marine Corps in 2018. His first DVD “Gravity & Grace” made Yoga Journal’s “Top 15 Yoga Videos of All Time”.

Peter’s award-winning book “Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga” was selected by Nautilus Book Awards from over 500 book entries as their  2019 Gold Medal Winner in the “Health, Healing, Wellness & Vitality” category! (Get your signed copy today.)

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