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Yoga for Pain Relief

Pain is the language our bodies use to communicate imbalance. Our Yoga For Pain Relief program, based on discoveries Peter found and described in his award-winning book Gravity & Grace, will teach you how to “dialogue” with your body through patient observation and mindfully challenging the edge of possibility.

Learn more about this four week, 8-episode course below.

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Does Pain Limit You From Enjoying Life?

Are you…

  • Struggling with chronic pain or past injuries?

  • Tired of taking pain medications?

  • Feeling weak and/or stiff?

  • Want to have more energy and feel better – physically and mentally?

  • Seeking to proactively protect your own wellness and longevity?

If you are looking for clear and simple guidance on how to create a powerful and highly effective body-mind practice that promises more balance, mobility and strength for many years to come… then you are in the right place!

Our Yoga for Pain Relief program is not about stretching for tight muscles, or weightlifting for weak muscles. We use a three-tiered novel approach to movement based on principles of yoga, which first softens areas of contraction or “grip” that our bodies instinctively create when in reaction to stress or trauma, and then uses gravity and breathing to build mobility, agility and strength.

Strategies for Change

Reset your mindset of physical pain

Promote cardio-vascular circulation

Integration of movement and mind

Realize movement is medicine

Practice Principles

LEVITYoGA basics for safe practice:

Back Body Breathing

Spine Mechanics

Fundamentals of Flow

Movement Challenge

Our three-step process to work progressively & intentionally:

Opening Sequence where you “meet” yourself

Dynamic Sequence is where you “challenge” yourself

Closing Sequence is where you “realize” yourself

This Unique Four Week 8-Episode Course Will…

Guide you, step-by-step, through simple movement and breathing exercises.

Help you relieve nagging or chronic pain in your body in healthy, sustainable ways.

Give you ways to increase flexibility and strength - physically and mentally.

Provide a comprehensive set of tools to support the role you play in your own wellness.

You will receive two videos per week, spaced 2-3 days apart, which are designed to be used sequentially and may be repeated as often as desired. Each session is appropriate for people at any level of fitness, and you are encouraged to do only what is possible for you. Suggested enhancements or modifications will be given to help you creatively tailor movement to your own unique needs, along with some ideas to set you up for success on your way to feeling better.

A holistic set of exercises will be taught for the major areas of the body – 1) hands and feet; 2) arms and shoulders; 3) legs and hips; 4) spine, ribcage and waist; and 5) head, neck and throat. You’ll also receive a few simple practice principles to be used with any exercise to keep movement safe and creative.

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In this program, you’ll receive:

Eight (8) instructional videos with movement and breathing exercises for the major areas of the body.

Inspirational guidance on how to empower the role you play in your own health and wellness.

Clear instructional cues designed to introduce deep, full-body presence for conscious movement and breathing during each exercise sequence.

Enhancements or modifications to accommodate your own unique needs.

A digital workbook with topic specific lessons for each session.

Timely and encouraging support, motivation, and weekly tips as you practice these effective and sustainable new ways to find healing and pain relief.



What We’ll Cover

What is Pain?

“Pain is the language our bodies use to communicate imbalance”  

In Episode #1 we will define and discuss pain channels, learn how to “dialogue” with our body through patient observation, and mindfully challenge the edge of possibility.

Conscious Breath & Movement

“Yoga is more than exercise”

Episode #2 will dive deeper into being present with a conscious mind, conscious breath, and conscious movement. Plus we’ll discuss the ebb and flow of body & breath.

Hands & Feet

In Episode #3 we will discuss what it means to be grounded, plus discover awakening touch, and look at the concepts of gravity + levity.

Arms & Shoulders

In Episode #4 we will look closer at the connection to our bodies, focusing on inverted support, flexibility & strength and the concept of effort & non-effort.

Legs, Hips & Knees

In Episode #5 we will discuss the connection to our bodies in upright support, the contrast between effort & non-effort, and the importance of flexibility & strength.

Spine, Ribcage & Waist

Episode #6 will focus on the inseparable nature of the spine, ribcage & waist. We’ll talk about connective tissue web, the body’s column, conduit and core, and discuss how the mind and emotions play a role in our overall health.

Head, Neck & Throat

Episode #7 we will explore the inseparable nature of the head, neck & throat. Also focusing on body balance, spinal elongation and discover how our sensory organs (eyes/ears/tongue) contribute to living a pain free life.

Bringing It All Together

Episode #8 will bring the entire course together with a deeper look at the Practice Principles of LEVITYoGA, how you can make this unique style of yoga work for you, and where to go from here.
Lara BoothAtlanta, GA

Over the last two years, owning and running a yoga studio has taken a lot of the pure joy and magic of yoga out of me. LEVITYoGA online classes changed this for me. As a teacher I knew, trusted and respected, I was able to entirely surrender again to the practice with Peter's guidance. I didn't overthink it as I tended to do in other online or live classes - approaching yoga from a teacher mindset. Instead, I was able to let it unfold as a fully engaged student. Your book, your talks and your leadership in practice re-lit my spark. You really do have a gift when it comes to helping others connect to the subtle body and the real essence of yoga - of life.

Heike Mueller-TreptowCairo, Egypt

I was seeking community and profound professionalism to gently move me back onto my Yoga mat. Being an online member of a worldwide group of "yoga addicts" makes me content and so much lighter from the inside - it's a great relief to know that I do no longer have to practice on my own. After each session I feel that my body "claps in joy" from the inside as subtle sensations of warmth and notions of "life" are perceivable in my energy body.

Amanda StanleyLos Angeles, CA

I have been searching for a connection to my body that was more than just expensive leggings in a fancy pose, and with Peter's classes you learn from the ground up, building a relationship from the toe knuckles all the way on up to the crown of your head. Thanks to Peter's classes I have grown my own solid home practice that is, in my opinion, due to the extensive knowledge and anatomy that Peter teaches with these courses. Far superior to yoga classes being offered around me. I now feel that I can more accurately understand an area in need in my body, and how to respond to it with yoga.

Brandon WilliamsSao Paulo, Brazil

I am very grateful to have built my foundation with Peter’s teachings. I feel like I was taught with superior instruction, which showed through professional discipline and guidance of grace. The course was rich in posture technique with modern descriptions that makes any in-depth pose easier to execute and teach. This training was full of applicable information that will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks Peter.

Ken KatzSalt Spring Island, BC Canada

Peter is a natural teacher. I spent 20 years studying with wonderful teachers and refining my home practice, yet deciding to do LEVITYoGA’s trainings with Peter exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Peter’s clear and thoughtful insights into yoga practice helped me deepen and refine mine. I am currently teaching classes now and owe a great deal of my success and gratitude to the LEVITYoGA team of Peter, Tawny and James.

Are you ready to get back to enjoying movement & life again PAIN FREE?


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