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Inspiring Yoga Online with Peter Sterios

Peter Sterios introduces the beauty and elegance of practicing yoga using the subtle body elements of gravity and grace.

LIVE Monthly Workshops

LIVE Workshops

$39.99 USD / drop-in rate
270 Practices (pre-recorded) + LIVE Monthly Workshops

Premium Member

$34.99 USD / month
Lifetime Access to 270 Practices + Workshops

Lifetime Member

$270 USD / one-time investment
4-week Training Course (pre-recorded)

Specialty Courses

$97 USD / one-time investment

LIVE Workshops

Join us each month LIVE on Zoom where you have the opportunity to learn in real-time with Peter, in a format that allows personal dialogue to help you gain a deeper understanding of LEVITYoGA’s essential practices and the subtle body elements of Gravity & Grace.

Drop-in price per workshop just $39.99, or sign-up for one of our memberships and attend for free!

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As a LEVITYoGA Member, you will enjoy INSTANT ACCESS to 270 unique 90-minute Practice Sessions, pre-recorded and on-demand, designed to be used sequentially or as needed, PLUS access to Peter’s LIVE 2-hour Monthly Workshops on Zoom.

We now offer two membership options, designed to suite your needs and budget.

Premium Membership

Premium Members enjoy instant access to all 270 Practice Sessions PLUS access to LIVE 2-Hour Monthly Workshops for an investment of just $34.99/month.


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Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Members enjoy all the benefits we offer our Premium Members, PLUS a signed copy of Peter’s award-winning book “Gravity & Grace,” for a one-time investment of $270 (just $1/practice session, with a free book & workshops for life.)

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Online Courses

Practice from the comfort of your own home with Peter’s digital courses, award-winning video downloads, and more…

Yoga for Pain Relief

Pain is the language our bodies use to communicate imbalance. Our Yoga for Pain Relief program, based on discoveries Peter found and described in his award-winning book Gravity & Grace, will teach you how to “dialogue” with your body through patient observation and mindfully challenging the edge of possibility.

Peter is also a faculty member of Yoga Anytime – an online resource for practicing yoga online, anytime.
Get a 30-day FREE TRIAL of Yoga Anytime with code PAINFREE and check out Peter’s

7-Day Pain Free Challenge on Yoga Anytime

Pain is a language of communication and if we are willing to listen, we can be guided towards a deeper realization of ourselves and ultimately find freedom. In this 7-Day Challenge, Peter Sterios invites us towards greater intimacy with our breath, movement patters, and mental and emotional terrain with the intention of discovering that we possess the necessary tools and are responsible for our own healing.
(Please note: This challenge assumes you already practice yoga. It is not designed for beginners.)

Additional Products

“TOP 15 Yoga Video of All-Time”

– Yoga Journal Magazine

Gravity & Grace 1 – Yoga for Finding Your Inner Teacher

Gravity & Grace 2 – Yoga for Longevity

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“Gold Medal WINNER”

– Nautilus Book Awards

Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body
and the Healing Power of Yoga

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