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Practices with Peter – Season 1

LEVITY means lightness in body and in heart. In Season 1’s eight episodes, Peter works with the elements of gravity and grace to allow for a deep and safe surrender to inner guidance, encouraging intuitive movement to find a truly personal yoga practice.

Practices with Peter – Season 2

Intimacy and consistency in our practice supports both physical and psychological healing our bodies are capable of. In Season 2’s nine episodes, Peter guides you to move deeper into your understanding of the subtle body through a unique set of shoulder/arm and hip/leg sequences designed to meet you where you are at in terms of flexibility and strength.

7-Day Pain-Free Challenge

Pain is a language of communication and if we are willing to listen, we can be guided towards a deeper realization of ourselves and ultimately find freedom. In this 7-Day Challenge, Peter Sterios invites us towards greater intimacy with our breath, movement patters, and mental and emotional terrain with the intention of discovering that we possess the necessary tools and are responsible for our own healing. (Please note: This challenge assumes you already practice yoga. It is not designed for beginners.)