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Sedona is recognized as a special place, where the earth energies are so concentrated, they create a vortex felt in the subtle bodies of those who have cultivated the ability. It is a very special place for me personally as I feel at home here, energetically speaking. The peace and stillness of the mountains literally “overshadows” the event, and can be felt at all times. It often calls me out to walk amongst them in between teaching sessions.

This will be my second year participating at SYF and my first festival since the completion of my book. “Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga” (Published by Sounds True and MacMillian Publishers, available Autumn 2019). I am excited to share in my classes what I learned from two years of research and writing. Students can expect to move beyond just physical yoga and learn how to access the subtle realms of our bodies for self-healing – physically and psychologically.  My intention is to inspire students to discover their intuition, creativity, and self-healing power.

Yoga festivals are wonderful places to reconnect with the larger community of yogis from around the country to learn from experienced teachers and fellow students who show up to experience their practice in new ways. Sedona Yoga Festival offers a setting that makes that so effortless and enjoyable. With the presence of the founders and helpful, well-trained volunteers, and the family feel they create for all of the teachers and attendees.

Come awaken your subtle body at Sedona Yoga Festival with me March 14-17, 2019.
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