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Check Out Peter’s Newest Adventure

One unexpected surprise being back in California after a year overseas was receiving the latest prototype of’s new grounded yoga mat, a consulting project I’ve worked on with them over the last four years.

Putting aside my Manduka mat, a trusted companion for 25 years, and stepping onto a new type of mat was strange – it felt like a betrayal to a part of myself!

Remarkably, that feeling was short-lived and I believe this new mat will (once again) change the practice of yoga and the industry of yoga mats forever, just like when I introduced the original “Black Mat” and founded Manduka. Back then, that innovative mat was unlike any other of its day – black, heavy, durable, with amazing “grip” and “cushion”, and it completely revolutionized the practice of yoga.

With the release of the Earthing® Grounded Yoga Mat, the “revolution” begins again with a mat that’s even better! And here’s why:

  • This mat provides high-performance qualities experienced practitioners expect (comfort, grip, and sustainability) AND has the integrated grounding technology that returns the practice of physical yoga to its ancient roots (literally).
  • Grounding while practicing yoga allows us to reconnect with the healing currents of the earth, something our ancient barefoot yogi ancestors understood by practicing directly on the ground, or on natural (and conductive) fiber mats resting on the ground.
  • All modern plastic/rubber yoga mats, shoes, and sandals that most of us live our lives with keep us disconnected and insulated from earth’s natural healing energies. With the design of Earthing’s new mat, we can restore our body’s bio-electrical connection to the earth, and receive the scientifically-proven healing benefits grounding offers.

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