Interviews & Articles


Article featuring Peter Sterios.

“Yoga came to me by accident – literally. Never could I have imagined the influence it would have on my life 38 years later,” says Sterios.

Healthy Twist

Sequence by Peter Sterios. Published by Yoga Journal.

“If you’re sluggish in the belly, this sequence is a great jump-start,” says Sterios.

Childs Pose — More Than A Rest Stop

Article by Peter Sterios. Published by Yoga Journal.

More than a rest stop, Child’s Pose requires you to surrender to gravity and a state of nondoing.


Article by Peter Sterios. Published by Yoga Journal.

Mastering Upward Hand Pose can help you move into more advanced poses.


Article by Peter Sterios. Published by Yoga Journal.

This inversion not only increases circulation, suppleness, and vitality, it also prepares the body for relaxation and meditation.


Article by Peter Sterios. Published by Yoga Journal.

Arm strength isn’t everything. The secret to mastering Peacock Pose lies deep in your belly center.

The Architect and The Yogi

In this 6:40m interview, Peter describes the connections and relationships he has observed during his dual career as a practicing architect and yogi, and the influence his yoga practice had on his life, personally and professionally as a teacher, a designer, and entrepreneur.

Gravity & Grace: Design of The Practice

In this 2:24m interview, Peter traces the inspiration behind his unique practice of Hatha Yoga, and the original intentions that generated the production of his first yoga DVD – “Gravity & Grace: Yoga For Finding Your Inner Teacher” in 2007, and the creation of Manduka, an eco-yoga mat company he founded in 1997.

Change and Consistency — The Power of Limitations

In this 5:13m interview, Peter shares his views on how yoga works in very simple terms, where the process of yoga naturally shifts our experience of the “discipline of practice” to the “desire to practice”, and we become more peaceful and aware in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Power and Effort — Styles of Practice

In this 4:27m interview, Peter explains the paradox between power and effort, and the difference between many of the popular styles of yoga today, and what he practices and teaches, particularly with the use of non-muscular effort and the subtle elemental energies commonly found in Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

Gravity & Grace — In Yoga and Architecture

In this 9:59m interview, Peter discusses the terms of Gravity & Grace used in his first DVD, and how it applies to his unique approach to Hatha Yoga and Architecture, including “Efficiency of Effort”, the “Gift of Obstacles”, and the “Process of Inspiration and Awareness”