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Is it true mBODY Yoga has closed?


The mBODY Yoga studio has closed, although not for good. We are in a transition as the building we were in is being demolished to make room for a bigger mixed-use redevelopment in our neighborhood from February 2017 through the first part of 2018.


Where will the trainings take place?


The location for our 200HR training in San Luis Obispo will be announced in September, 2017 when we resume classes.


The location for our 300HR training in San Luis Obispo will take place at the SLO Yoga Center, 672 Higuera Street, Suite 200, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


When does each Module start/finish and when should we plan to arrive/depart?


All 10-day and weekend Modules start at 6:00pm on the first Friday of the training. We ask that all non-local Teacher Trainees arrive to SLO no later than 4:00pm on the first day to give yourself time to settle in to your accommodations, and orient yourself to the town. We ask all Teacher Trainees to arrive at the first class 20 minutes early to allow for the time required to check-in and get settled at the studio.


All 10-day and weekend Modules finish between 5:00 and 6:00pm on the last Sunday of the training. For non-local students, we are happy to assist you for making transportation connections, and offer recommendations for places to visit if you wish to extend your stay in SLO or travel to additional locations on the Central Coast such as Big Sur, Santa Barbara or Monterey. Please email Peter at


How do I get to San Luis Obispo?


There are 3-4 flights per day into and out of San Luis Obispo, from Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Francisco, on either United or American (formerly US Airways). There is also a beautiful train journey if you fly into Los Angeles
and want to take a little more time to travel up the coast. Between LAX and Union Station in downtown LA , there are airport shuttles with LAX Flyaway. When you arrive at either the SLO airport or train station, we are happy to pick you up and take you to your accommodations if you contact us in advance.


What accommodation do you recommend in SLO?


There are many nearby places to stay in SLO, with an easy commute to the studio. However due to SLO being a university town, and depending on the time of the year, many can be booked. We recommend booking hotels or
hostels well in advance. Some of our favorites (but not necessarily the cheapest) are The Garden Street Inn, Petit Soleil, The Granada Hotel, and the San Luis Obispo Hostel. There are many other hotels and B&B’s but these are the ones that are relatively close (10-15 minute walk) to the studio. For other accommodation options, we recommend AirBnB and the SLO County Visitor Board.


We also have a growing group of local TT alumni, who often are happy to rent out a spare bedroom for a weekend or longer. Please contact us at for more info.


What should I bring to California while I am in the training there?


Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.


Mats – There are mats available for you, but if you prefer your own, it’s a good idea to bring it along.


Water Bottle – We encourage all visitors to use refillable containers when possible to reduce plastic waste. So, if you’ve got one at home, please bring it with you as it will see a lot of use to get your recommended 8 glasses of water a day!


Clothing – The winters in SLO (December – February) can be cold during the day and especially at night, occasionally below freezing. The spring is often windy but warmer and the summer is typically warm during the day and cool at night and early mornings due to the usual marine layer from the nearby Pacific ocean. Comfortable, layered clothing which allows you to accommodate the daily and seasonal changes in temperature are a good idea. In addition to flip flops and sandals, we recommend a pair of hiking or running shoes in the event that you want to venture out on one of the many hiking trails around town. There are local laundry services we can help arrange for you if your hotel does not.


Swim suits (and more sunscreen)!


What kind of food is available in town?


San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas is a mecca for the wine industry so there numerous offerings of healthy, organic cuisine with a wide variety of choices, locally grown or caught in nearby waters. Please ask us for
recommendations – we have many favorites such as Sally Loo’s Cafe, Big Sky Cafe, Bliss Café and more. The SLO Natural Food Coop is also a place where you will be able to buy organic groceries if you prefer to prepare your
own meals.


Is the tap water drinkable?


Barely (poor taste), so ask for filtered water when dining out, or bring your own water bottle.



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