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Kind Words

“My experience with LEVITYoga’s Teacher Training and Advanced Studies Program has helped me realize my yogic path in life. It does not have “become a teacher!” written all over it; the program has an emphasis on the fundamental parts and the basis of what yoga is. It has truly helped me learn about my inner self. I would describe Peter ‘s yoga
philosophy as teaching others how to practice yoga as a means for that individual to feel good. It is not about the aesthetics of the pose; it is about the mentality and quality of your mind while you are in the pose. Some people, like myself entered the teacher training looking to heal myself and potentially begin teaching yoga. Others wanted to deepen their practice. Others wanted training to become instructors. All of us found it a very healing and community-building experience.”

Mindy Service Danville, CA


“Teaching, Deliverance, Patience, Sacred Space, Care, Admiration, Serenity, Knowledge, Kindness, Energy, Abundance, Joy, Love, Movement, Positive – I took the first letter from the first name of each individual 2011 Teacher Training alumni and wrote down the first word that came to mind. Not exactly a traditional testimonial, but I thought this was a fun way to express all of the feelings I experienced in LEVITYoga’s amazing program.”

Danielle Kanizo Los Angeles, CA


“I was looking for a deeper understanding of Yoga philosophy as well as improving my practice. Peter and Tawny’s studio was the place I found to do that. It is a warm and serene environment with superb instruction by all of the teachers in the program. They are simply the best with a high level of knowledge and experience. I recently started
teaching and constantly replay what I had learned during my LEVITYoga training. Couldn’t ask for a better experience! I’m honored to have participated in their program and will continue to practice yoga with Peter, Tawny and James whenever I get the opportunity.”

Sona Davenport Shell Beach, CA


“The greatest thing I received in the process of LEVITYoga’s Teacher Training was a reconnection with my authentic voice – not just teaching tools, but permission to be creative. Permission to explore and invent – made possible through strong foundation teaching. My experience was not just as a student, but as a member of a community. I felt supported, challenged, nurtured and inspired.”

Erin Partridge Oakland, CA


“I am very grateful to have built my foundation with Peter’s teachings. I feel like I was taught with superior instruction, which showed through professional discipline and guidance of grace. The course was rich in posture technique with modern descriptions that makes any in-depth pose easier to execute and teach. This training was full of applicable information that will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks Peter…”

Brandon Williams Sao Paulo, Brazil


“Peter is a natural teacher. I spent 20 years studying with wonderful teachers and refining my home practice, yet deciding to do LEVITYoga’s Teacher Training with Peter exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Peter’s clear and thoughtful insights into yoga practice helped me deepen and refine mine. I am currently teaching classes now and owe a great deal of my success and gratitude to the LEVITYoga team of Peter, Tawny and James.”

Ken Katz Salt Spring Island, BC Canada


“I have such gratitude for LEVITYoga’s Teacher Training program. It was an amazing and life-changing experience. The program is incredibly comprehensive from the asana practice to the content presentations. It enriched my practice and gave me the knowledge to teach with confidence. I truly loved the experience and am now looking forward to Peter’s advanced 300hr Teacher Training Program to deepen my experience even further.”

Paula Horvath Morro Bay, CA


“A contemplative studio setting smack-dab in the center of San Luis Obispo, a quaint, walkable, friendly town on the Central Coast of California… LEVITYoga‘s Teacher Training program is the perfect blend of ancient and contemporary yoga philosophy. The asana practices challenge and empower; the lecture discussions stimulate and inspire; the Vedic studies enlighten and expand. I highly recommend this training if you want to root into a more authentic experience as a practitioner and a teacher.”

Katie Clancy Durango, CO

INSPIRATIONAL TRAININGS! Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are much more than programs for aspiring teachers. Each course is created to transform your relationship with yoga, and ultimately your life. Experience connection in a way corporate trainings or online courses can never match……face to face…heart-to-heart…


About Peter Sterios

Peter Sterios is an internationally recognized, advanced yoga teacher (ERYT-500) and architect based in San Luis Obispo, California, USA. He is the founder of LEVITYoga™, MANDUKA™ Yoga Mats, and creator of the popular yoga DVD series “Gravity & Grace” which is one of YOGA JOURNAL’s “top 15 yoga DVD’s of all time”. For three years (2011-2013) Peter taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiatives.



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Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.” ~ Serbian proverb

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